Friday, July 27, 2012

Award for Dora's Unique Touch

The amazingly talented ,Indu Chhibber has given me the AWESOME BLOGGER AWARD. Well though I am very late in claiming it. Well Now I am waking up from a long sleep of work and pressure and snatched some me time.

 Here are the 7 things I would like to share about myself:-

1--I love watching movies..specially the rom-coms.
2--I love to try different cuisines.

3--I love to spend my free type doing something artistic and decorate my home.
4--I am a software engineer by profession.
5--I hate doing regular house hold chores ...rather I like to spend time relaxing myself
6--I am very fond of children and pets.
7--I am very fond of travelling.

I would be passing on this award to fellow talented bloggers soon.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Effervescent Kolkata

Kolkata- City of Joy

Hey friends, just came back from a trip to my home land, Kolkata. The crowded lanes, humid weather, the lovely people the fun ambiance.

As I had visited Kolkata after  long time,  I could not resist re visiting my favorite places and clicking pics wherever possible.

Here are some snaps in side the famous victoria memorial. Undoubtedly i adore this place an d well its very romantic as well, especially the lake side.

A statue next to victoria.

The following snap is a section of Belur math. Belur math is exceptionally beutiful and peacful place but photography is not allowed inside. :(

As my grandma lives nearby I have some special memories of belur math.

The bally bridge near belur math. well we enjoyed a boat ride on the ganga and enjoyed every bit of it.

As we cross the Ganga we reach Dakhsineshwar. Almost every year I visit this holy place of godess kali.

The vivekananda statue inside Dhakshineshwar.

.Would love to hear your comments.


Monday, April 9, 2012

Durga Puja

The essence of Durga Puja

We Indians are known for our festivals and their celebrations. I live for these festivals days.

Since the time I was young I used to count days for the festivals to start. When they actually did I would be totally engrossed in the festivities and forget about the other devils like study, schools and teachers.

My favorite among them was Durga puja, being a Bengali that becomes obvious. I waited so much for the pujas to come that other things became insignificant for me. I would save pocket money to spend during the pujas. 

I can still go in flashback mode and relive all my puja moments. During my childhood days the day before the pujas started was the best day of the year for me. I would be full of hope, happiness and excitement.
Every year Durga puja used to take place in the colony club house situated next to our home. So the day before the puja begins I would be sitting next to my window continuously staring at the puja pandal.. For those who are not aware of the Durga puja pandals let me give you a brief.

During the pujas, in all the places where it is celebrated, huge makeshift pandals are constructed basically with bamboo and with diverse colorful clothing ,lights and whatever articles comes to your imagination like rice, clay pots, pencils, wood, glass and anything to everything. In Kolkata the pandals compete with each other on the basis of creativity uniqueness and art display.  Some pandals exhibit art articles, some pandals have themes of say Titanic, kargil war, vaishno devi temple or anything based on current affairs. They have huge exquisite chandeliers adorning the roof of the pandal. The goddess is always the most beautiful part of the pandal ravishingly decorated , wearing shining loud colored new sari with black flowing wavy curly hair , gold colored ornaments enhancing her beauty and big angelic eyes as if talking to you. The goddess depicted glory, elegance and power. I even loved the lion idol that she rides on. The entire road that leads to pandals are decorated using different graphical lights. There is so much sparkle on earth that stars must be shining down out of shyness. 

For me they are huge pieces of art for display where people gathered dressed in new clothes and smiling faces.

Another aspect of Durga puja are the fairs organized in puja grounds. Different forms of junk food you would die for are available. Many rides like big wheel merry go round used to attract most of the kids. Constant sound of dhakis (who beat huge drums in honor of the goddess) and random songs playing on loudspeakers added to the ambience.

Well coming back to my waiting near the window. The puja that happened to take place every year near my home was not as huge as others in the city, but being close to my place I loved it. Every year till midnight the decorations went on for next day. I used to be awake and kept checking out of the window. I remember sleeping with wide smile on my face.
The next morning festivities begin and the loudspeakers are on and you get into a puja feel. I would get ready and run to the puja venue with my friends. First we used to visit the goddess and then to my actual point of interest, the fair. There used to be as huge line of small shacks selling goodies and toys for children. I would be roaming about with my tiny bag and making rounds of the shacks. But end up buying nothing at all. I just enjoyed looking at the goodies and being happy. Then we would go ahead and spend on ice creams, candies and other varied kind of junk food that parents usually don’t approve of.

In the evenings I would accompany my parents and visit the other big pandals of the city. Each year I would follow this routine and the experience was splendid.

Now that I am not a child anymore and my golden days have passed, sometimes I even have to come to office in puja days the small child in my memories gets hurt and snaps at me . It does not let me kill the puja spirit within me. Even though i have work I visit the puja venue in evenings all dressed up for the occasion.

So no matter how busy I am, I make it a point to visit my parents or ask them to come to my place and celebrate the festival together.. Till now I don’t buy anything from the fairs nor am I that interested in the rides, what I really like is the aura of the goddess and the small stalls of the puja selling Bengali food. I grab all the not so fat free, not so hygienic food and indulge in guilt free happiness.

When I go back to sleep I find my inner child giving me an approval smile.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Mussoorie holiday experience

Stunning Mussoorie

Hey friends I am back with another post on travel. I and my husband both of us love exploring new places.
I would like to share our experience of Mussoorie with you. Like Nainital this is also located in Uttrakhand.
It is connected via road by Delhi and other major cities. We took a train to Dehradun from Delhi and a cab from Dehradun to Mussoorie. 

Company garden Mussoorie

Its magical beauty attracts you instantly. The journey as well as the destination both were splendid. As soon as I got down from my cab, I fell in love with the place. A small hill station surrounded by tall green mountains , fresh air and of course beauty.

                                                           Kempty falls Mussoorie

I could actually feel the clouds traveling leisurely as if there is no hurry. It leaves a ever lasting effect on the tourists. We could see many honeymooning couples roaming about completely ignorant of the world .

It hosts a large number of good hotels. We stayed in Green Castle. The service and the view the hotel gave us was appealing. It had a wall length glass window which gave us the view of the lush valley.

I also enjoyed traveling by the cycle rickshaw.We went to the company garden point boarding on a cycle rickshaw.  Slow paced and wonderful like the city. You could actually get all the time to grasp in the beauty all around.

Himalayan view from mall road Mussoorie

View from  a budhist monastery

We were also in a mood to enjoy some lazy time in there and soak in the natural beauty. We spent a great amount of time staying at the hotel and gazing through the window at the valleys  that used to lit up at night.

Hope you enjoyed the post. Post your comments if you like it.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hill Station Up north

Nainital and its beauty

Hey friends I am back after a short break with a post on travel. I recently traveled to Nainital and the experience was out of this world.nainital is situated in Uttrakhand. it is blessed with heavenly natural beauty.I took a train from delhi to kathgodam and a cab from kathgodam to nainital.

A clean beautiful lake city up north. There are so many beautiful lakes in Nainital but the central attarction being Naini lake . The pollution free fresh air, the cloudy sky and the snow clad hill tops and the small hotels and restaurents surrounding the lake...well i had the best time of my life.

So how could i not share it with my blogging friends.

The naini lake is the most beautiful part of Nainital. Whenever I crossed the lake it used to fill me with happiness. The soft cool breeze , the surrounding hills and the slow paced boat rides..the beauty of the lake was breathtaking.

The hill view was no doubt exhilarating. Himalayan peaks were visible whenever the sky was not too cloudy. These tall mountains gave me sense of strength and peace. I don't think anybody can stay stressed in such a lovely place.

There was a small waterfall as well that I specially liked.

The curvy hilly roads of nainital.

At night the city used to light up as if we are celebrating Diwali. The entire naini lake used to get surrounded by lights and of course the cold was chilling.

We stayed at Maharaja hotel which was near the lake and provided awesome food and service.

Leave comments if you liked the post.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Batua bag

My Batua Bags

Heyaa friends I am back with another post. I am really fond of bags . I specially admire batua bags, cute elegant and desi. Whenever I don't have to carry lot of things I use them.

But I don't like to buy them. I like my own personalized ones. They are easy to make and look beautiful. I would love to share with you my hand made batua collection.

golden batua, beautiful bag, Indian ag

 Whenever I find a attractive piece of cloth  I love to make a batua out of it. Shiny and glittery adorable little thing.

This golden netted batua though not hand made by but is one of my favorites.

lovely golden net batua, Indian handicraft, ladies bag

On a special request from a friend I custom made this pink batua. Well she wanted a sparkling batua to be gifted to her sister. I used all sorts of shimmer available and and a silver lace.

pink batua, Indian bag, gift bag

Would love to hear your comments on this.

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Monday, February 20, 2012

Nature's Touch

Well they say time is the best healer..for me it was nature.

Whenever I need to decide something important in life I need support of nature. In case of any confusion confinement of concrete walls doesn't work for me. In such a situation I need the company of nature. Sometimes unrestricted view of sky and natural aura evokes deep thoughts within our minds and calms us down so that logical thinking stimilate. Almost all our problems can be solved with a calm and composed mind.

I am a water person. Anything related to water excites me whether its a placid lake, a flowing river or a booming sea. Well my preferred water destination is sea beach. Whenever I used to visit any beach, I used to start running towards it out of enthusiasm. The roaring sea waves ,the soothing breeze, the open sky and the pale sand always rejuvenate me.

For me a sea beach is one of the most appealing creation of god. Especially at night there is no comparison to its beauty. I enjoy visiting the beach at night and taking a stroll bare footed on the cool sand with only the sound of the waves as background music and the shining moon in the sky. It gives me a high that nothing else can ever give you. I feel like an artist admiring the beauty of her muse. I can spend endless hours in such a state.

On any occasion when I am near any sea beach somehow it washes away all my tensions and sadness.

There is one such incident related to beach that I remember fondly.

I was always a carefree child. I never experienced any moments of anxiety in the blissful days of childhood. After completing my higher secondary education in my home town I opted for engineering college outside my state.

The entrance exam went well. Soon the day came when we had to select a college based on the ranks that we got in the entrance exam.

I was very attached to my father. He always had a major impact on all my decisions.
He wanted me to select a particular college which was nearer to my home town and he knew a lot about it. Though I did not liked that college that much still I agreed.

A counseling venue was selected for college selection procedure and a big auditorium was chosen and all students gathered there. There were pamphlets available for all colleges in that state. We were supposed to provide two options out of all the colleges whose seats were available.

I chanced upon one such pamphlet. Well as soon as I saw it I fell in love with the college. The infrastructure and facilities that the college was providing was admirable. But this college was far away from my hometown. My father wasn't too keen about selecting this.He liked to stick to the first choice he gave me. Moreover we did not have any information about this 2nd college other than the pamphlet .

For two option I selected the 1st college my father wanted and second that I liked. There were seats available for the first college. So we were sure we will get it. We were waiting for our turn to come. When my turn came I knew I will get admission in the college of my father's choice. I moved ahead in full confidence towards the councilor and handed him over the choices for my college.

But something unexpected happened here. I came to know all seats for the first college got booked just before my turn came and he booked the second choice that was mentioned by me. I was shocked for a moment as I wasn't mentally prepared for this college. Though I liked the pamphlet but actually I had never visited the college and I did not have any information about it. As expected my father got disheartened.

He was apprehensive about sending away his daughter to a unknown college which was far away from home. To tell you the truth even I was doubtful. For the first time I experienced uncertainty and uneasiness. We returned to our hotel room perplexed.

Half the admission fee got submitted before the counseling. I was not sure whether to study in that college or not. We couldn't eat dinner that day nor could we sleep. My parents were distressed throughout the night.

Towards early morning I slept for an hour. When I finally woke up I saw my father sitting next to me.There was morning tea ready for me. He seemed to have eased off.

He suggested there was nothing that we could do by worrying and asked me to get ready. My disturbed mind was still confused onto whats going to happen when I join the unknown college.

I got ready and had little biting for my breakfast. Outside the hotel I saw a cab waiting for us. Father had booked the cab to take us to the new college. I felt a sense of relief go through my body. Finally I would be able to see the college where I would be spending four important years of my life.

When I reached the college I liked it. It was appealing.

We returned with better state of mind. We were not that much worried anymore. We knew at least the college was nice. But the place was far from hometown and people were unknown.

My father had another planning for the day. After returning back to hotel we ate our lunch and another cab arrived. There was a famous town nearby which had an acclaimed temple as well as a beach. The cab took us there. First we went to the temple and offered prayers. Next we went to the beach side. As soon as my feet felt the warm sand I felt very relaxed. We walked towards the sea and chose a secluded spot and sat there. We spent few hours or so just by watching the waves come by. The vast sea, the cool breeze and the setting sun the ambiance was beyond imagination. I could see birds returning to their nest and the sky becoming red as if a painter has spilled  red color on his canvas. The natural aroma of wetness all around was heavenly. The water was deep blue in color and was crystal clear. Even venders were not haunting us. I could see few children playing near the beach .Their laughter sounded like music from wind chimes to my ears. I felt as if a fairy has come down to earth and moved her magic to take away all my negative energy and show my light.

I guess nature here was the fairy.

It completely tranquilized me . I decided the there was no point in getting disheartened. The college got selected because of destiny and come whatever may I will finish my admission in the college. I have faith in god and believed whatever happens happens for the best.

We decided to spend another day in the town. The next day we actually had a great time spending countless hours in front of the sea  playing with the sea waves and collecting sea shells. It was like meditation for me.

All our worries had evaporated. We went back to the college with a firm mind minus the confusion. I completed my admission procedure.

The four years that I spent in the college were the most amazing four years of my life and I am glad I took admission in the college. Today I am employed in a good software firm and I can definitely say I have great fun memories associated with my college. Well this 100% real experience did change my life.

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