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Interiors For singles

Looking out for a good interior designer? Why dont you start it yourself.Save money invest time

Lets start with the interiors of a home for single women. Well ladies what do we like our home to be when we come back after a long tiresome day ,comfortable and soothing isn't it.

I suggest first we should consider the colours we want our home to reflect.

Colors For Interiors

I suggest our bedroom should have a very soft colour,I like pink so i can go with my bedroom being colored in baby pink.But there are so many lovely colors like sky blue, peach, light purle ond even white or any soft color we like.


While our living room and dining room can have a bright or peppy solid color to cheer us up. We can select a sunny yellow, a bright pink, peacock blue anything that we like and that makes us happy while spending some leisure hours.

The kithen can have sophisticated look, here again we can select a light shade with glossy or shiny appearence.I prefer a glossy offwhite..but there is no end to colours, so let your imagination fly.

Last but not the least the bathroom can have a color with a cooling effect. Anything like a blue, light purple or any cool color will suit right.. what do u say about your choice.


As we are done with the colors now comes the furniture. So living alone doesnt mean we dont need beautiful furnitures. so what are the priorities you are looking for in your home?

Warm and Cosy Interiors

Living room

Living Room

If we like a warm cosy home we can get ourselves a small cosy arm chair or a bright colourful couch. We can have some small pillows and cushions to increase the comfort.

A small beautiful glass side table will add a extra ting. A white transparent glass or a black one or anything you like .


Now it can be accessorized by  beautiful lamp - colorful and bright or candles with artistic  candle stands . Designer candles alone can also look very pretty.

The center table can be of medium size with a strong wooden base. We can also have small art peace with a transparent glass top. Or a bright solid color table in contrast to the color of the room.

It can be accesorized by a metallic bowl having scented water flowers and floating lamps.We can also have a transparent glass bowl with bright fresh flowers and floating candles.



Dining Room

Dinning Room

Now for our dining space a small table with two or three comfortable chairs is more than enough.We can choose solid colored furnitures. 

It can be accesorized by hanging ball lamps , or miniature plants on table or simply a fruit basket and crockery or a beautiful flower vase.


If the living room is small we can put a big mirror on the wall to give a illusion of space.

We must avoid too many things on the wall for less spaces. Now if we have a large area then wall art will help a lot. I will cover wall art in my following  blogs.Some beautiful paintings can give a exotic look.

Bed Room

Bed Room


Next we come to the bed room. For a cosy look we can have a medium sizes bed with soft bedcovers, flowing curtains of full length. We can even have a bedskirt around it.

One mini side table with a simple solid color lamp shade , ofcourse the color should be in contrast to the room's color.
Then comes the dressing table, I feel dressing table with a solid color will go completely with the look along with a tool. we can keep a cushion on top of the tool. 


Bed room wall can have small paintings or family pics which makes you happy

hmmmm sounds good insn't it.

All Images are sourced from google search.


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