Thursday, December 17, 2009

Chandua: The Indian handicraft

India land of colors

Indian Culture

As I am a frequent traveller, I have travelled to many appealing places small and big accross India. Pipili is one such place. It is a small and colorful village in Orissa nearby puri.

Well it is a village of handicrafts. And what do they do? They have a distinctive style of applique embroidery .You will find a whole lane of shops selling chandua. The view is extremely colorful and happy.

Hanging Lightschandua_market

It involves embroidering and stitching of small pieces of colored cloth with the theme of flowers, animals, village scene and traditional Indian designs on cloth.

Indian Handicraft

 Umbrella handicraft
 handicraft Bags

This appliqué patchwork have varied categories like Garden Umbrellas, Wallets, Wall Hanging, lampshades, Pouches & Bags. Nowadays it has been diversified into bed sheets, cushions covers, file folders and so on.
Indian craft
 Bed Sheet
 Bed Cover Designs
 Handicrafts Bed sheets

If u ever visit the place puri which is mostly famous for the centuries old Lord Jagannath temple and a electrifying beach, pipili is a must see too.It comes on its way if u go by road , just an hour from puri. 

Jagannath Temple Puri

And i bet any art lover will love this colorful place...So go ahead and bring back colors of India to home :)

All Images are sourced from google search.
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