Thursday, December 31, 2009

Kalighat pat - Art of rural Bengal in India

Howrah Bridge

West Bengal is an integral part in my life..Most of my school holidays comprise of memories of different parts of bengal where my relatives are scattered.

asian temple

Bengal is famous for its contemporary art and vibrant culture. Kalighat Pat is one of its art forms. Maa kali is the most worshipped goddess in west bengal. Kalighat is known for centuries old Kali temple.

Indian Godess

In 19th century some migrant communities of painters setteled around kalighat. They developed the Kalighat Pats which has been a great influence on modern bengali art

Indian folk art

art of west bengal

Kalighat pat an art of Bengal

Pat rural art style

Pats were paintings with a distinguished bengali style with bright colors and strong lines. These pats, wood craft and the lithographs depicted the social life during those days. Vegetable colours and water colours were used.

Decorate your walls with art pieces

Indian art

Painting on pat from bengal in india

The pats are now available in the land of Midnapur where artists and their works are in great demand. Most of their works are exported in many countries.
A pat on our wall can become a exclusive art piece  isn't it. So what say....

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