Friday, January 15, 2010

Diya - the earthen lamps

Decorate with Indian style

diya indian lamp


Interior design is all about making our home sweet home a better place. I like doing it in innovative ways with a distinctive Indian touch.

diwali diya

We all love decorating every nook and corners of our homes dont we.. Lights always give a warm feeling. We like putting in lamps and candles in our living rooms. We all know about diyas - small clay lamps mostly used during diwali.
But we can use diyas in our day to day life.

indian designer diya

 Indian sequined diya

 rangoli design diya

 Indian clay diya

 flower design diya

Personally i just love lights and i love doing it with diyas. We can get some colorful bright diyas with any design we like and enlighten our living room.It gives a lovely effect.

Indian lamp

 Diya thali

Or we can get plain clay diyas and colur and design it ourselves. Put in some beautiful color and design with a contrast colour. We can even add some sprinkles of zinc and glitter.It is even better.

amazing diwali diya snap

 beutiful design diya

So just try it out. Bring in some diyas and light it up and put it anywhere you like on some colorful thali or just a corner table and enjoy the effect...
All Images are sourced from google search.
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