Saturday, January 23, 2010

Madhubani Art

Traditional Indian Art

madhubani art

 India has a rich cultural heritage.The Indian folk paintings, their styles and patterns are as diverse as the Indian nation itself
Folk art paintings are an artist's expressions in pictorial form. Madhubani paintings are folk paintings from Bihar in India.
This art specialization get passed from generation to generation.  

Indian god avatars art

 shiv shakti on madhubani

 Indian traditional art bihar

The theme is usually epic narratives from the Ramayana, Mahabharata, Puranas and so on. These also depict the daily village life, social customs, rituals, birds, animals and the elements of nature and earth. Madhubani paintings use very vibrant and natural colours and papers, clothes, leaves, earthen pots, mud walls, etc are used as canvas.

madhubani art on wall

 madhubani wall painting

 wall art

madhubani painting on saree

 madhubani painting

 madhubani painting on cushion cover

 painting on shawl

 madhubani painting in bihar in india

Nowadays madhubani art is also available on shawls, sarees ,cushion covers, wall hangings and wall paintings...
All Images are sourced from google search.
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