Friday, January 29, 2010

Lord Krishna as Shreenathji

Shreenathji - Nathdwara



Shreenathji Temple 
Shreenathji is a form of Lord Krishna with his small finger up holding the Govardhan parvat(hill).Krishna is God’s perfect manifestation. At Nathdwara lord Shreenathji is being worshiped at the haveli. It is one of the biggest pilgrimages in India.



Nathdwara is located in the Rajasmand district on the banks of the river Banas in Rajasthan in India. Many times people just call the town as "ShreeNathji". All roads lead to the Haveli of Shreeji which is central in location.
The word 'Nath' maens 'the Lord' and 'Dwara', which means 'gate'. It is surrounded by the Aravali hills and its scenic beauty is beyond words.


Shreeji's town wears a white washed look. There are paintings on every house and wall, it is a very typical look that the entire town of Nathdwara adorns.





A very important shopping is for the paintings of ShreeNathji. Hundreds of shops are there with every mood and dress of Shreenathji painted.You will definitely get painting of your choice. Th karigars (artists) also use stones and pure gold paint to complete their Shreeji paintings. Another form of painting is called pichwai, which is an elaborate painting done on cloth depicting various past times of the Lord. The variety of different paintings is just amazing. 

One painting is never enough and even a glance at the various shops is mesmerizing.
So please go ahead and visit Nathdwara you will surely enjoy the trip and don't forget the paintings.

All Images are sourced from google search.
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