Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Alpona art to decorate the floors

Bengali traditional art - Alpona for floor design

Alpona is a a Bengali art form that originates from villages which is believed to bring good fortune to our homes .It can be seen in most of the Bengali homes during festivities, ceremonies and celebrations.

alpana design by indian woman

Alpana is a term that has been derived from the word in the Sanskrit language, alimpana, meaning ornamental plastering. 

alpona sample design

This art is basically a style of decorating and designing the floor with beautiful patterns. The medium used for these patterns is the staple food of Bengal that is rice paste. But nowadays some other mediums are common too like acrylic, paste of chalks and so on.
alpona art of bengal

an alpona design of bengali lakshmi pooja

white alpona design

Gradually it has become one of the most popular floor decoration method. It is also known as rangoli in some parts of India. 

alpona art for floor design

The designs are symbolic and common to the entire country and can include geometrical. The drawing is spontaneous and the art is passed on to the women folk from their elders.

designing of floor by alpona

bright alpona design for floor

So why don't we try it sometimes on some ceremony and festival. I am sure most of the Indian ladies are acquainted with rangoli or alpana. Lets try out some time and i m sure you are going to love it.

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