Monday, January 24, 2011

The Indian Sari for interiors

Indian Sari can do wonders

Well sitting at home on weekends, lots of ideas keep coming to our minds. I had an encounter with a nice idea recently. All of us do have some n number of saris. Some of them we have stopped wearing.

So instead of throwing them  out can we use them artistically? Of course we can.

cushion covers made out of banarasi sari

What about making some nice cushion covers, wall pieces, pillow covers, bedsheets and even table cloths out of them. Yes we can do that, and they can look ravishing.

colorful cushion made from indian sari

white cushion cover from traditional indian sari

indian cushion cover

table cloth made from sari

table cloth from sari border

beautiful bedsheet made from sari

yellow sari for bed sheet

maroon sari for making bedsheet

traditional indian sari for pillows

pillow covers

lovely pillow covers

Stitch at home or get it done from a tailor. Add your own style to the designs and make whatever you like from the sari. 

indian silk sari

We can select some very colorful saris and turn our interiors more appealing and elegant.

So lets try it out friends and if you like it do let me know.

All images are sourced from google search.
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