Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My Home : Showpieces

Home Decor : Corners of my home

Well I love collecting knick knacks wherever I go. It really spices up the corners. Our home sweet home is very special for us. So these small efforts really makes a huge difference.

showpiece, interior design, table piece, clay dolls, ramkrishna paramhansa and sharada maa, Indian art

I collected this two from Kolkata. These are made of clay.They sit on my dresser and make me feel good every time I look at them.

home decor, bedroom, interiors, red hearts, love romance

I got the two red butterfly hooks and hanged the hearts I got as gift. They set the mood of my bedroom . Aren't they romantic....

beautiful jewellery box for home decor on dressing table for keeping earrings India

This blue jwellery box  rests on my dressing table. I keep my cute small earrings in it.

crystal love couple romantic watch noght lamp with blue shade

This crystal couple  rests near  my lcd on a glass stand in my bedroom. Its a watch cum night lamp. It sparkles blue shades at night and is a feast for the eyes. Again...I find it very romantic.

wall art painting Shreenathji Nathdwara Rajasthan India, India god painting, Silver and black color
Lord Sreenathji painting adds a special touch to my drawing room wall. I collected this from Nathdwara, Rajasthan.

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Monday, January 23, 2012

Bedroom Interiors in the hilly terrains

Bedroom Interiors

We just came back from a holiday from a hill station up north. I really liked the interiors of my hotels. We stayed at two places.

The first one had wooden interiors. The contrast color curtain added character to the room.

wooden interior hill station with contast color curtains black color flower prints, India, Interior design

The second hotel had nice white interiors and gold hued curtains. The whole interiors gave me serene and beautiful ambiance. And I must add the view from the windows was breathtaking.

 dressing table bedroom, mirror, India, Interior design  

Interior was simple yet elegant. I really liked the big cushions the bed. 


lovely hill station India, North, mussorie, Beautiful, Interior design in hotel

Friday, January 20, 2012

Personalized my work area: Cubicle Decoration

Cubicle Decoration: Beautiful Work Place

We spend a huge amount of time in our work places. So it deserves to be beautiful isnt it. My office is a lovely place but I wanted to personalize my cubicle.

I wanted to feel really good while working. So I added some stuff to my cubicle to make it look less techy and more comfy.

Well I love painting, so added some bright colorful paintings on the walls of my cubicle. I did this using acrylic colours in my free time.

indian woman painting cubicle decoration colors acrylic beautiful

office decoration interior indian painting

Added some paper cut flowers, again very bright in color. And yes lots of dolls, small or big. most of them are gifts and I collected some of them from various places.

dolls IT cubicle decoration cute colorful indian enjoy workplace be happy at work baby doll sleeping pink color

enjoy overtime at work beautiful awesome cubicle decoration elegant Romantic crystal globe with two dolls dancing

Interior design cubicle design Dolls small green doll with teddy

These identical twins are my favorite.

fairy dolls pink white with flowing gown cubicle decor interior design india

This water sipper I bought from a mall. The cute cartoons really uplift me.

Caroon sipper lovely messege mood uplift at work place india asia interior design

 This is how my cubicle looks. :)

fabulous Interiors of office cubicle paper cut art and craft painting india dolls barbie cartoon

Friday, January 13, 2012


Terracotta : For Interiors of your home

Hi friends I am so glad to be back to blogging after a long long time. Lots of changes came into my life. I got married, so naturally got so geared up in doing my interiors. Along with I have been helping some other friends in doing up their homes.

Though everything else is in continuation I am back to my lost love i.e is blogging. I am very fond of Terracotta. I have used many terracotta pieces for my home as well.

Terracotta is a unglazed ceramic material made of natural clay. It has been used for construction and making decorative arts pieces since ancient times in cultures around the world.

Teracotta vase , clay art, bengal art

teracotta wall art, west bengal ,clay, Indian art

It is nothing but baked clay which is basically red in color.

unglazed clay, teracoota art, Indian art

wall hanging, teracotta, colorful, Indian art

Decorative flower pots, water vessels, along with sculpture such as the Terracotta Army are very popular in terracotta art.

colorful teracotta vases, Indian clay art

Well-suited refined clay is partially dried and molded into the appropriate shape. And let me tell you it looks amazing. You can paint it in whatever colors you feel like. Add your style to it and put it in any corner of your home. It really looks awesome.

All images are sourced from google search.
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