Friday, January 13, 2012


Terracotta : For Interiors of your home

Hi friends I am so glad to be back to blogging after a long long time. Lots of changes came into my life. I got married, so naturally got so geared up in doing my interiors. Along with I have been helping some other friends in doing up their homes.

Though everything else is in continuation I am back to my lost love i.e is blogging. I am very fond of Terracotta. I have used many terracotta pieces for my home as well.

Terracotta is a unglazed ceramic material made of natural clay. It has been used for construction and making decorative arts pieces since ancient times in cultures around the world.

Teracotta vase , clay art, bengal art

teracotta wall art, west bengal ,clay, Indian art

It is nothing but baked clay which is basically red in color.

unglazed clay, teracoota art, Indian art

wall hanging, teracotta, colorful, Indian art

Decorative flower pots, water vessels, along with sculpture such as the Terracotta Army are very popular in terracotta art.

colorful teracotta vases, Indian clay art

Well-suited refined clay is partially dried and molded into the appropriate shape. And let me tell you it looks amazing. You can paint it in whatever colors you feel like. Add your style to it and put it in any corner of your home. It really looks awesome.

All images are sourced from google search.
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