Monday, February 13, 2012

Home Made Lamp

DIY - Candle Lamp

Hey guys, I am back with another DIY tutorial again. I have made a candle holder cum home made lamp .
I used all old stuff at home to make this.

Things you need :-
An old glass container
Glass colors
A small piece of lace.
Some glitters
Gum and scissors.

This is how I did it:
1. Wash the glass container and keep it aside for drying. Get rid of the lid.
2. Apply any glass color you like on the container and let it dry.
3. Now apply glitter colors on top of the container. You can make any design that suits your choice. I made a simple design, using some glittery dots on the glass jar.
4. Again leave it for a night and let it dry. Now on the neck using any gum paste a peace of lace all around, so that the neck is not visible anymore.
5. On top of the lace stick some glitters and you are done.
6. Lit a candle inside the jar..and get amazed.

Try this at home. I am sure you gonna love it.

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