Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hill Station Up north

Nainital and its beauty

Hey friends I am back after a short break with a post on travel. I recently traveled to Nainital and the experience was out of this world.nainital is situated in Uttrakhand. it is blessed with heavenly natural beauty.I took a train from delhi to kathgodam and a cab from kathgodam to nainital.

A clean beautiful lake city up north. There are so many beautiful lakes in Nainital but the central attarction being Naini lake . The pollution free fresh air, the cloudy sky and the snow clad hill tops and the small hotels and restaurents surrounding the lake...well i had the best time of my life.

So how could i not share it with my blogging friends.

The naini lake is the most beautiful part of Nainital. Whenever I crossed the lake it used to fill me with happiness. The soft cool breeze , the surrounding hills and the slow paced boat rides..the beauty of the lake was breathtaking.

The hill view was no doubt exhilarating. Himalayan peaks were visible whenever the sky was not too cloudy. These tall mountains gave me sense of strength and peace. I don't think anybody can stay stressed in such a lovely place.

There was a small waterfall as well that I specially liked.

The curvy hilly roads of nainital.

At night the city used to light up as if we are celebrating Diwali. The entire naini lake used to get surrounded by lights and of course the cold was chilling.

We stayed at Maharaja hotel which was near the lake and provided awesome food and service.

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