Friday, July 27, 2012

Award for Dora's Unique Touch

The amazingly talented ,Indu Chhibber has given me the AWESOME BLOGGER AWARD. Well though I am very late in claiming it. Well Now I am waking up from a long sleep of work and pressure and snatched some me time.

 Here are the 7 things I would like to share about myself:-

1--I love watching movies..specially the rom-coms.
2--I love to try different cuisines.

3--I love to spend my free type doing something artistic and decorate my home.
4--I am a software engineer by profession.
5--I hate doing regular house hold chores ...rather I like to spend time relaxing myself
6--I am very fond of children and pets.
7--I am very fond of travelling.

I would be passing on this award to fellow talented bloggers soon.
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